The Truth About Capoeira
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Capoeira training at Gold Country Martial Arts Center
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Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art.

It is a game that incorporates kicks, acrobatics, music, culture, and camaraderie.

Capoeira helps people of all ages to develop:






Come see what Capoeira is all about.
Classes open to all levels of fitness.
First class is free.

Megan has been training with Capoeira IJEXÁ since 2000 and teaching Capoeira and the Brazilian folkloric stick fighting dance of Maculele for the last 14 years. As a dedicated student of Capoeira, Megan has traveled all over the US and to Brazil to train and learn from highly respected teachers within the Capoeira community. She has performed for schools, organizations, special events, and festivals. Past performances include San Francisco Chronicle, Grand Canyon National Park, Fillmore Theater, Sacramento Brazilian Cultural Center, and Coloma Theater.

Megan is also a licensed Early Childhood Educator who works within El Dorado county’s preschool community as an Early Learning Coach. She also teaches at Sierra College in their Human Development and Family Studies department.

When not playing Capoeira or working with teachers, Megan enjoys embarking on outdoor adventures with her husband, 2 kids, and their dogs.

Come see what Capoeira is all about. Classes open to all levels of fitness. First class is free.

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P.S. For those who actually WANT to compete in full contact matches, we have a separate program to develop world-class fighters, too.

Look at what students are saying
martial arts testimonialLost 12 pounds
“I love Martial Arts training! With the training I’ve gotten, I have lost 12 pounds and gained great confidence!”
Mike Earl
martial arts testimonialMore confident, energetic, and happy
“Ever since I started Martial Arts training I’ve become more confident, energetic, and happy! If I can do it, you can do it.”
T’iana Rick
martial arts testimonialLife-Changing
“The most positive thing you can do to effect a change in your life is to practice Martial Arts.”
Alex Melendez
martial arts testimonialSelf-defense
“Ever since I started Martial Arts, I have the confidence that I can defend myself.”
Lani Johnson
martial arts testimonialLost 25 pounds
“I know that practicing the martial arts has helped me! I’ve lost 25 pounds, learned to control my emotions and be happier.”
Chris Nelson
martial arts testimonialLost over 65 pounds
“Since I’ve started Martial Arts, I’ve lost over 65 pounds! On top of that, I’ve gained confidence.”
Jordan Robinson
martial arts testimonialBest shape of my life
I used to get angry easily, but through the martial arts I’ve learned how to control my emotions. It’s a great stress release and I’m in the best shape of my life. So, if it worked for me, it will work for you too!”
Jamarie Varela
martial arts testimonialMore positive
“Since I started the Martial Arts I feel more optimistic, more positive; I have that ‘Yes I Can’ attitude, and have set new goals in my life.”
Juan Villimizar
martial arts testimonialTotally stress-free
“By training in the martial arts, I have totally become stress-free. I love it. My life is so much more enjoyable!”
Tanya Elenkiwich